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HOW we DID IT 2021


January 14 to

January 16, 2021


from the comfort
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A digital dental conference that finally focuses on building your dental practice, without all the gimmicks. Learn from dentists, just like you, who have succeeded in business and have thriving practices. No one selling you tools or pitching you services, just dentists helping dentists find success, together.



Dentists are often flooded with untested, unproven, and unsolicited advice for how to run a successful dental practice. But why do we look to “experts” and “business gurus,” who often charge a small fortune, instead of to each other? Because there are so few opportunities to learn from successful peers willing to share what they've learned, Dr. James Anderson created the How We Did It event.


of the best dentists from across the country


live & virtual, join from the comfort of your home


CE credit hours available via PACE/AGD


pushy sales


How We Did It is the first event of its kind in dentistry. Every speaker has one thing in common: they’re dentists.

No self-proclaimed experts, only real dentists who have built, bought, grown and sold real dental practices — successfully. Think of this event like the largest dental mastermind group in the world.

Practical, Powerful knowledge

If you’re a dentist who craves practical and applicable knowledge, who is engaged in the success of your business, who wants to grow as a visionary leader — then How We Did It is the event for you. Learn from your peers who have built successful dental practices and build your own holistic path to success as a business owner, practitioner and leader.


Building your support network

Get connected and stay connected. With over 600 seats available for dentists to attend How We Did It 2021, you’ll be able to meet and network with other dentists who have already faced and overcome the same issues you’re experiencing in your own practice today.

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded and growth-oriented dentists seeking to build a new kind of dental community. Join us as we redefine success as a dentist.


Our all-star lineup of speakers are here to deliver one thing, and one thing only: knowledge. These aren’t corporate bigwigs or sales people, every person on our lineup is your own fellow dentist. Join them and learn from their experiences in practice.

James Anderson, DMD
Warren Willis, DMD
Charles Blair, DDS
Dr Brenda Donato
Brenda Donato, DMD
Paul Goodman, DMD
Jason Lipscomb, DDS
Benjamin Kur, DDS
Oral Surgeon
Sonia Hariri, DDS
Dr. Tanek Jenkins
Tanek Jenkins, DDS
Pediatric Dentist
Dr Landry and Mary Ann
Michael Landry, DDS, ABAD
Mary Ann Landry
Practice Manager
Dr John Flucke
John Flucke, DDS
Dr Shaun Massiah
Shaun Massiah, DMD
Dr Krista Manning
Krysta Manning, DMD, MBA
Summer Kassmel, DDS
Summer Kassmel, DDS
Dr Prashant Verma
Prashant Verma, DDS, MS, FAGD
Dr Tuan Pham
Tuan Pham, DDS
Cedric Lewis, DMD
Cedric Lewis, DMD
Thomas Kang, DDS
Thomas Kang, DDS
Brandon Greer, DMD
Brandon Greer, DMD, MD
Oral Surgeon
Jessica Emery, DMD
Jessica Emery, DMD
Charles Kravitz, DMD
Charles Kravitz, DMD


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January 14-16, 2021
Thursday January 14th
1:00 PM MT
Opening Remarks, Dr. James Anderson

Dr. James Anderson will kick off our one-of-a-kind event.

1:30 PM MT
Conquering the Challenge of Patient Communication, Dr. Paul Goodman

Patient-doctor communication is a pain point in the majority of offices. Join Dr. Goodman (aka Dr. Nacho) to learn how to improve communication, increase case acceptance and build trust.

3:30 PM MT
How to Ensure Patient Acceptance of Your Sleep Apnea Case Presentation, Dr. Charles Kravitz

If you have ever wondered if you could do more to increase your sleep apnea case acceptance, Dr. Kravitz, founder of Sleep Coordinator Academy LLC, is ready to walk you through exactly how to make that day dream a reality.

4:15 PM MT
Oral Surgery specialty panel, Dr. Benjamin Kur & Dr. Brandon Greer

Join Dr. Benjamin Kur and Dr. Brandon Greer in an Oral Surgery panel discussion and Q&A with host Racheal Grant.

4:45 PM MT
How to Better Serve Your Patients, Dr. Cedric Lewis

The most influential and successful leaders are the ones that are servant leaders and act empathically. Join Dr. Lewis as he discusses how to better serve your patients to show them that you truly care.

6:00 PM MT
Virtual Networking Event

A virtual cocktail hour with games and breakout sessions to build your professional network and meet other providers all across the country.

Friday January 15th
8:00 AM MT
Diving Deep Into Dentistry & Technology, Dr. John Flucke

Join Dr. Flucke as he discusses how to use technology to keep your practice on the leading edge of dentistry in a world where technology evolves every second.

9:45 AM MT
How Improving Your Clinical Notes Will Maximize Your Profits, Dr. Shaun Massiah

Do you struggle with clinical note roadblocks? Get tips and tricks from Dr. Massiah on overcoming those roadblocks so you are guaranteed to send less claim appeals and more profits.

10:15 AM MT
Wow Your Patients to Lifetime Loyalty, Dr. Michael Landry & Mary Ann

Learn why patients at Dr. Landry’s office rave about the personal concierge service and attention to detail.

11:00 AM MT
Don’t Go to Jail: CDT Code Changes 2021 & Practice Booster, Dr. Charles Blair

With the new year come new CDT code additions and changes. Dr. Blair will walk through these changes and discuss how Practice Booster can help you and your office staff utilize the new codes to the fullest.

11:30 AM MT
Profitable Teledentistry 101, Dr. Tanek Jenkins

Dr. Jenkins has successfully run a profitable pediatric dental practice by utilizing teledentistry in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Join her to learn her system and tips to make this a part of your strategy as you head into 2021.

12:45 AM MT
From Hiring to Onboarding: Building Empowered, Not Entitled Team Members, Dr. Summer Kassmel

Is it possible to build a team of motivated and empowered individuals that are accountable to each other and the business? 5 years ago Dr. Kassmel wouldn’t have dreamed it could be a reality. With intentional hiring, onboarding, and simplifying accountability measures, doctors can go from exhausted to impressed by what their teams can accomplish!

2:30 PM MT
Understand the Behaviors & Motivators of Your Team, Dr. Sonia Hariri

If you have found yourself struggling to communicate with the different personalities on your team, join Dr. Hariri as she explores the different personality types and behaviors to help you improve your internal communication.

3:00 PM MT
Endodontic Specialty panel, Dr. Prashant Verma

Join Dr. Prashant Verman in an Endodontic panel discussion and Q&A with host Racheal Grant.

3:30 PM MT
Vision + Voice + Visuals for Growing Your Practice, Dr. Jessica Emery

Clear vision equals a strong brand personality. When a vision is an authentic extension of who you are and what you value, it just works! Join Dr. Emery as she explores how to find your brand, your patient base, and your experience.

4:00 PM MT
Periodontal Specialty panel, Dr. Thomas Kang

Join Dr. Thomas Kang in a Periodontal panel discussion and Q&A with host Racheal Grant.

5:00 PM MT
How Managing Will Make You a Leader, Dr. Tuan Pham

Do you feel like you are spending time micromanaging your dental practice? Join Dr. Pham and learn how to start leading and stop managing your team and free up your time for big-picture tasks and goals.

Saturday January 16th
8:00 AM MT
Marketing Your Practice Successfully, Dr. Paul Lipscomb

If you struggle to effectively market your practice, join Dr. Lipscomb for all the information you need to make a 2021 marketing plan that will boost your practice up in your community.

9:30 AM MT
Botox & TMJ, Dr. Brenda Donato

You have heard about using Botox for TMJ, but you haven’t used it much or at all. Learn how it is the preferred treatment for TMJ issues and how the profit margin can give your practice the boost it needs.

9:45 AM MT
5 Things You Should Know About Insurance Administration in 2021, Dr. Charles Blair

Join Dr. Blair as he covers the proper way to handle PPO adjustments, patient referral gifts, and more to keep you from the dreaded insurance audits in 2021.

10:30 AM MT
How My Overhead is at 38%, Dr. Warren Willis

The ultimate success or failure of a dental practice often rides on how well you can build profitability and decrease overhead. Creating healthy margins for your practice comes down to strategically calculating, negotiating, and incentivizing in order to ensure success.

10:45 AM MT
My Social Practice, Dr. Krysta Manning

Learn how to utilize social media to your advantage by engaging with patients, building trust, and creating an emotional connection.

11:30 AM MT
Implementing the Toyota Way in Your Practice, Dr. James Anderson

Tired of inefficient practices and operational bottlenecks? Learn how to implement the same systems and strategies for growth that Toyota utilizes every day... from a dentist who has done it in his own practice.

12:30 PM MT
Closing Remarks

Thank you for attending!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Is this event live or virtual?

    A: Both. How We Did It will be an annual event, normally hosted in-person and live. But due to COVID-19, we’ll be hosting this year’s event live over Zoom. So you get to enjoy the great content from the comfort of your favorite pajamas.

  • Q: What platform will How We Did It be hosted on?

    A: We’ll be using Zoom, so make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version, which can be found by clicking here.

  • Q: Should I invite my team to attend How We Did It?

    A: That’s entirely up to you. Our message and purpose is geared to be helpful information from dentists, for dentists. But it’s also important to align your office manager and team with your plans for your business.

  • Q: What about CE for this event?

    A: How We Did It is backed by the PACE/AGD CE certification and you’ll receive an anticipated 11+ CE credit hours when you attend all courses live.

  • Q: What if I can’t attend How We Did It live?

    A: Don’t worry. We’ll be recording all sessions and anyone purchasing the Platinum or Team ticket packages will have access to replays of the event. If you aren’t yet sure that you want that access, go ahead and register for the Gold ticket. We can always upgrade you later when you’re ready.

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